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Two entrepreneurs and a mission

We are a Norwich-based Airbnb management company on a mission to enable investors to do what they love by providing them with above market returns.

We founded The Good Host as a response to a gap in the market here in Norwich, Norfolk. It began as a way to meet our own investment goals. It is growing into something much bigger...

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John Ellison headshot at a hackathon event at UEA

This is John Ellison.

He does strategy, design and technology.

John is a former Silicon Valley designer and entrepreneur who moved to Norfolk with his wife Sophie.

During his time in America, John and his father set up an Airbnb management company in Colorado in 2016. As a result, he knew the power of short-term rentals. When he met Ollie and realized that no one was offering this service in Norwich, they knew they had to seize the opportunity.

When he's not working on The Good Host, he's working as a design consultant for local tech startups in Norwich.

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Who is going to take care of my property on a daily basis?

John Ellison headshot at a hackathon event at UEA

Ollie Krol

He is our operations guy.

Ollie is from Norwich, born and bred. He is a Paramedic who left the NHS seven years ago to setup his own company called ProEvent Medical.

As a result of his experience as a Paramedic and at ProEvent Medical, Ollie knows operations. When other people's lives are in your hands you need to do the right thing at the right time. Large festivals and events across the UK have trusted Ollie and his team with this responsibility for the last seven years.

Ollie takes pride in the responsibility that property owners give him when handing him the keys to their property. He is driven to the highest standards of quality and settles for nothing less than absolute excellence.

Our Story

Two entrepreneurs and a dilemma

What happens when a Silicon Valley entrepreneur meets a Norfolk paramedic who has been burned by estate agents?

A local Norfolk paramedic named Ollie had a problem. He needed to rent his property for six months, but wasn't willing to endure another bad experience with estate agents.

Ollie's friend John had just concluded a career in Silicon Valley where Airbnb was founded. Listing his property on Airbnb seemed like an obvious solution to Ollie's problem. The only problem was that no one in Norwich was offering to manage properties on platforms like Airbnb and

John and Ollie, who both run other businesses, realized the market opportunity: With over 330 Airbnb properties in Norwich and no professional managing agents, something had to be done...

So they decided to do it themselves to see if there was a viable business model. Within 13 days of listing the property, it was booked solidly for 90 consecutive days.

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