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Estate agent partnerships

Unlock the power of short-term rentals to increase growth and profit for your sales and lettings business.

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Sales agents

Help your vendors sell faster, for more money while earning a commission from us for each property we onboard.

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The average UK property takes 102 days to sell [1]. That means no income for over three months.


Turn the vacant property into a short-term rental earning 10-15% yield per annum. Book viewings whenever you like.

Key benefits

  • Reduce time to accepted offer
  • Increase average sale price
  • Increase sale income and vendor revenue
designer home for sale by vendor on short-term rental platform in Norwich


Earn money while it's on the market while attracting the best offers from the best buyers.

Earn 10-15% yields

List your vendor's property on short-term rental markets while it is awaiting for sale.

Sell sooner

We stage, style and photograph each property to increase viewings and motivate buyers.

Increase prices

Staged properties achieve higher sale prices and increase the number of competitive offers.

See the sales process in detail

Letting agents

Help your landlords earn 30% better returns with greater flexibility and fewer void periods.

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The buy-to-let market doesn't produce returns like it used to (for landlords and agents).


Offer a mixture of long-term and short-term rentals to increase average yield, reduce void periods and beat the competition.

Key benefits

  • Increase overall market share
  • Increase gross rental revenue
  • Decrease void periods
minimalist chair and table home on short-term rental platform in Norwich


Increase your lettings profit by attracting more landlords through higher yields and increased flexibility.

Increased flexibility

By offering a mixture of short, medium and long-term lets you provide increased flexibility and a competitive advantage.

30% better yields

Leverage our short-term rental management to outperform long-term yields by 30% or more in the Norwich market.

Reduce void periods

By accepting short-term guests you can decrease void periods and offer best value to your customers year-round.

Let's grow together

We're looking to partner with leading estate agents who want to leverage the power of short-term rentals to grow their business and help their customers succeed.

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