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Airbnb management in Norwich, Norfolk

We manage your property on platforms like Airbnb so you can get 30% better returns without the hassle.

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wood stack challenges of buy to let

The challenges are stacking up

We get it. We are property investors too.

Traditional buy-to-let investing just doesn’t produce the returns it used to. Tax reform, changing regulation and tenancies are all eating away at profits.

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Tax reform

Mortgage interest tax reform is pushing many buy-to-let investors out of the market or into limited companies against their will.

Changing regulation

Every year we seem to see new regulation aimed at landlords and investors.


Even with a good tenant in place, your property isn't earning nearly what it could be.

Thankfully, there is another way.

open doors our offering

Our offering

Full-service Airbnb management

We created The Good Host to offer people like you 30% better returns without the hassle of managing a professional holiday let.

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30% better returns

Sound too good to be true? We thought so too. Managing a professional Airbnb in the right market can bring incredible amounts of revenue when done well.

Better care of your property

We target quality guests at the higher end of the market. Since guests are coming and going every few days, your property is professionally cleaned and maintained to the highest standard.

Tax incentives

Furnished holiday lets still receive the mortgage interest tax relief that buy-to-let used to. This is a real game changer for investors with personal mortgages.

How does it work?

plant simplicity minimalism

It's simple really...

we handle everything for you.

Our experience setting up a short-term rental management company in the States has given us three years to refine our approach. We leverage our experience with tech startups in Silicon Valley to ensure you get the most out of your investment without the hassle.

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What if something goes wrong?

yellow umbrella specialist airbnb insurance

We've got you covered.

Specialist insurance and dedicated property managers

Sharing platforms like Airbnb have been so successful because they are founded on a relationship of trust between guests and hosts. However, even the most careful guests sometimes have accidents.

We partner with a specialist insurance provider to make sure you've got the right cover.

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Compatible Home Insurance

We partner with a specialist insurance provider to make sure that you have the right Home Insurance in place to work alongside your Host Insurance policy.

Specialist Host Insurance

Whether you're renting out a room, annex or entire house, we'll make sure you have the right Host Insurance to protect against the unlikely event of guest-related incidents.

Dedicated property managers

Every property that we manage has a dedicated on-call property manager. That means if something unexpected happens, we'll take care of it.

Who is this for?

Our customers, of course.

you are at the heart of everything we do

We get it. Your property is your financial security and your future. It's a big deal. That's why we obsess over the details and make sure we serve you and your needs.

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Want better returns than buy-to-let? You will love the extra income that short-term rentals provide.

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We partner with leading estate agents to help them unlock the power of the short-term rental market.

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Want to go away without the hassle of storing your furniture and dealing with tenancies?

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