Our response to the pandemic

During COIVD-19, we are hosting key workers like NHS staff who need a safe place to stay near local hospitals.

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We love the NHS They need our support

We sympathize with the burden that COVID-19 has placed on the entire society, specifically the healthcare system. Our Director of Operations, Ollie Krol, is a registered paramedic who had until recently been managing private events around the country. Now he and his colleagues have been called to the front line to support the effort.

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You’re at the heart of everything we do.

Your property is an asset. It needs to perform well and be properly maintained. That’s why we obsess over the details and make sure we serve you and your needs.

Photo of one of our customers, Sophie
Sophie, NR3 First-time Investor

After selling my flat in London, John helped me find a terraced house to convert to a furnished holiday let in Norwich. After renovating the house with local Quanstrom Studio, I’ve been amazed at how well the property has performed. Guests love it!

one of our customers
Rosa, NR3 Homeowner

The Good Host have been fantastic at managing my home on Airbnb. Ever friendly and professional, John and Ollie have been guiding and supporting me through the process, sharing invaluable advice and smoothly managing the behind-the-scenes tech. Would highly recommend!

Investing for fiscal and social return An opportunity to do good

We’ve spent the last year helping our investors achieve 30% better returns than long-term lets. Now, it’s time to use our properties for the good of society. We encourage other property managers to do the same.

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